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Pete Seeger
Mark Twain
John Lennon
Bob Dylan, back at The Cap in Port Chester
The Boss and Miami Steve at full throttle - 2016
Bernadette Peters
2019 Democratic Debate on CNN
Tom Waits
Neil Young
Academy Awards - 2013
Bob Dylan, circa 1965, at the Newport Jazz Festival
Neil Young, Ric Ocasik and Travis Barker - 2011
John Prine
The End of the Sopranos - 6/3/2007
Summer Shakespeare
Trump vs. Clinton
Pope Francis
The state of the Presidency - 2016
Howard Stern
The Beatles: 50 year anniversary of Ed Sullivan appearance - 2/8/2014
Locals at the Oscars - 2/25/2012
Paul McCartney turns 60
Academy Awards 2017
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